Risotto Primavera by Erin Brady

My weekly recipe on Eating For Our Futures – Risotto Primavera. Check out the rest of the EFF blog while you’re there – Adria has some great stuff!

Eating for our Future

I picked Risotto Primavera as this week’s EFF recipe. Primavera means the season of Spring in Italian, but in food language it usually means lots of vegetables. For those of you not familiar, risotto is an Italian rice dish, commonly seen in higher end restaurants. It originates from Northern Italy and is a creamy, luxurious dish. There are about as many types of risotto as there are stars in the sky. You can pretty much use the basic recipe and then go from there. I will add suggestions and ideas as we go. I can also promise you that this will not be the last risotto you see from me. Risotto and where you can go with it has become a staple here at the Brady compound.
It’s creamy, it’s rich, and it’s comforting. It can be cheesy, brimming with freshness, or meaty. And it can be all of that…

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